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    Saturday, October 31, 2009

    Celebration of Life's Beauty

    I love the beauty and vibrant colors of Fall in Oklahoma. We learn from an observation of nature. Before the hibernation of Winter there is a celebration of life's beauty. The colors are a display of God's greatness. The cold barren times of Winter hold the promise of life's force that never dies. Spring... is coming! What appeared dead was only busy preparing for the next awakening of beauty, blossoms, growth, fruit and reproductivity. Seeds emerge, guaranteeing a new cycle of life. Summer is a season of work, of planting and includes the reward of harvest.

    In each season remember that LIFE is the constant. God's presence is the guarantee.

    -Dr. LaDonna Osborn

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Family Dynamics for Women in Ministry

    Dr. LaDonna and Pastor Chy teaching an international group of women on the Family Dynamics for Women in Ministry. Powerful teaching and discussions on various subjects from pre-marital counseling to making your circumstances meet the Word of God, not molding the Word to meet your circumstances.

    Sunday, October 18, 2009

    Compelling at 87

    Dr. T.L. Osborn compelled an international audience with stories of miracles, healing, and God's love at the International Gospel Center's 22nd year celebration today in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "I have given you a long sermon because you came such a long way" Dr. Osborn said has he concluded a powerful journey of testimonies from his travels and crusades around the world. From stories of the eleven lepers under the stage to the story of the woman brought to a crusade in an ambulance. Cancers, club feet, all were healed.

    Dr. Osborn read from the Gospels explaining that these were the good news stories written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and today Dr. Osborn told his good news stories. Once again, this 87 year old preacher of the Gospel showed stamina, grit, wit and love to a full house.

    Dr TL Osborn Teaching

    Dr TL Osborn teaching at IGC's 22nd anniversary of the church in Tulsa. "We are Christ's ambassadors!"

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    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Dr. LaDonna Teaches on the Supernatural

    Dr. LaDonna lights up the room as she addresses an international audience about Activating the Supernatural in Your Life. It has been said that the Osborn's have witnessed more physical healing miracles than any other family in history. During this years IGF's seminar, Dr. LaDonna Osborn will share the key principles of experiencing the supernatural in every way, in every day.

    Do not accept limitations as you do God's business. He is the provider, the Guide, and the Miracle Worker of the 21st Century.

    Activating the Supernatural

    The IGF Seminar has begun. Ministers from around the world are refocusing on the miracle possibilities of Jesus and His power in the believer. The supernatural points to Jesus and testifies to His resurrection.

    Another Generation

    My first great grandchild was born this week in Tulsa. Genesis Annebella is the beautiful new daughter of Jess and DeeDee O'Dell. Jesse is the 3rd son of my eldest, Tommy. I'm so proud of my family and thrilled by this new addition.

    -Dr. LaDonna

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Dr. T.L. Osborn Preaching in Tulsa

    Dr. T.L. Osborn will be preaching at International Gospel Center Sunday October 18th at 10:30 am 555 South Memorial in Tulsa.

    This is a great opportunity to hear our founder, leader, teacher and father bring a word from God that is guaranteed to change your life!

    IGC Website

    Gospel Materials for Burma

    The stack of materials are items that we placed in the hands of a Burmese couple to get back for training and duplication. On the flash drive that I’m holding, the following materials were included to avoid suspicion of the government:

    • All of the DocuMiracle films
    • My four Redemption courses (being duplicated into Burmese for believer and leader training) both audio and DVD
    • All of Dr. T.L.’s session of the Miracle Life Seminar in Burmese on DVD

    This is a powerful stock of Gospel materials, good and effective seed in the hands of wise and committed farmers.