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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Dr. LaDonna Arrives In Indonesia

    After 36 hours of travel, Dr. LaDonna Osborn and the Osborn Ministry team has arrived in the midst of the world's largest Muslim population. Indonesia is home to over 200 million Muslims spread over 17,000 Islands in Southeast Asia. The needs for the Gospel are
    enormous. Christian believers and pastors have joined together to receive Dr. LaDonna Osborn to conduct three historic miracle evangelism crusades in a country that is over 80% Muslim.

    Before she 'goes public' with the Gospel to the unchurched, she teaches the pastors and Christians the priorities of Christ's teaching continuing ministry through them. It is to these thousands who will gather in each of the three cities, that Dr. Osborn with give a FREE set of three Osborn books in Indonesia. This is a huge investment with immeasurable results. We must do this!! We are doing this!!

    We will keep you updated on these events as they unfold. GO WITH US to Indonesia through your financial partnership. We need your help. We are willing to go ... but your ministry with us is the vital connection. For $50,000 we can accomplish this mission in THREE CITIES that have not had such a Gospel witness. Our methods are simple. We use every dollar to gather a maximum harvest. Let us hear from you today!

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    Sunday, June 28, 2009

    Osborn Literature in Panama

    Here we see villagers in Panama receiving the Gospel through “printed preachers.”

    The 18 Salvation Tract series are available for soulwinners through the web, or all 18 are available on a CD, each tract in a format ready to print.

    Visit our store here

    Thursday, June 25, 2009

    The Master Artist

    It is said that Michelangelo started sculpting at least forty-four great statues in solid marble. But to our knowledge, he only finished fourteen of them, such as the enormous statue of David in Florence, Italy, the Pieta in Rome's basilica, and his monumental Moses. I have gazed in awe at those renowned chefs-d'ceuvre.

    Just think. At least thirty great works of art which were conceived and partially sculptured by the great master artist, were left unfinished. (Fortunately, the huge chunks of partially worked marble are preserved in an Italian museum.)

    Some show only a hand or a leg or an elbow and shoulder or a foot with toes. The total design in the great master artist's mind was never executed. The rest of the body remains frozen in sold marble, locked up forever, never to be formed into the great Michelangelo's total design.

    For some reason God who formed you in His likeness, has purposed that this shall not be your case. He has marked you and caused this book to come into your hands because he has purposed that you are one of His best, and He wills that you discover the principle of your value.

    You Are God's Best
    The material in you is the best. You are redeemed. The full price has been paid. you are pure marble, a pure human person designed and created by God, in His own image, with absolutely unlimited potential existing inside of you. It is all there. God sees in you the wonder and marvel that he envisaged when He formed you in His likeness.

    The Master Sculptor is reaching out to you, through this book, to touch you with His miracle power, to make you a full, wonderful and perfect expression for Him to reveal His power through. All of His value is in you. The only way His full potential in you will not be developed is if you fail to see your value and position with Him. He is the Master Sculptor. You are His material. When you demean yourself, condemn and negate yourself, you are the one who limits what the Master can produce in you.

    When you say YES, He is released in you to develop your finest potential.

    When you say NO, I am not worthy, I am no good, I am incapable, I am inferior, you tie the Master's hands and your life is like one of those unfinished chunks of marble left by Michelangelo with only a head or leg or arm completed. Grasp God's viewpoint. Yield to His full development. Believe in the full potential of God at work in you. You are His best.

    Tragedy or Triumph
    The greatest tragedy in your life would be for you to live and die and never come out of yourself-to never realize the possibilities hidden within you. Discover this principle and resolve that such shall never be the case in your life.

    The greatest triumph in life is to discover yourself in Christ, to discover the rich, full happy life He created you for, then develop that unlimited life by sowing it in others and reaping God's abundant lifestyle of total peace, happiness, success and fulfillment.

    From "You Are God's Best" by T.L. Osborn

    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Gospel Books for Burma (Myanmar)

    In spite of the oppressive restrictions imposed by the Myanmar regime, six titles of Osborn books in Burmese are being printed by dedicated Christians. These books will be distributed among Christian believers to encourage their faith and their witness. These books will make Burma a better nations, because a nation is only as good as her people. Pray for Burma. Pray for the people. Pray that their witness of Jesus Christ will remain strong. Partner with the Osborns in providing these proven and effective Gospel materials to people living under great oppression. (This photo shows the Burmese Christians folding and cutting the printing of Osborns books in Burmese in 2007.)

    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Holland Wonder

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Everybody Is A Real Somebody

    An insane man was brought to one of our teaching meetings overseas. Fifty thousand people were there. He was known as the running maniac. His hair and beard were long, disheveled and flea-infested. His body was filthy. His rags barely covered his nakedness.

    God never created anybody unable to think or act normally

    God never created anybody to be unable to think and act normally, or to live in shame and disgrace. I did not know that the insane man was in the audience as I planted the seeds of HUMAN VALUE in the minds of the people.

    There is a miraculous power in truth. I believe words are seeds. They have ability to produce what they say. They are energizers.

    I told that audience:

    "Each one of you is beautifully and wonderfully made-in God's image. Every individual among you is special. You do not have to be second class. You are each unique. God who created you like Himself, put you here for a purpose so special that no one else on earth can do what you are here to do."

    Those word-seeds had power.

    There is a remarkable statement in the Bible about the power of Jesus' words. As He was teaching, the power of the Lord was there to heal the people. Luke 5:17

    That has to be what happened to the insane man who was brought to our meeting that day.

    We taught that crowd the essence of what I will share with you in this book. We emphasizd that God made no one for failure, poverty, sickness or shame; that everybody is a real somebody in God's eyes.

    I urged that audience to personally accept the fact that each of them was a special creation of God and to begin believing that by cooperating with God, any person could realize the BEST in life.

    In some miraculous way those seeds of truth penetrated that insane man and his mind was healed and his life was transformed.

    Before those teaching sessions were over, that man was perfectly normal. He was clean, groomed and wearing a suit. He attended every meeting, listening, learning and developing into a remarkably balanced gentleman.

    The power of the truths I will share in this book, brought him all the way from a running, half-naked, wild man to a groomed, well dressed gentleman. He found good employment and has become a positive influence in his community. He is a living example of one who rose from emptiness to meaningful living.

    No human being was ever created to be inferior.

    God never planned for anyone to be lonely, defeated, unhealthy, destructive or despondent.

    God created YOU in His own image, to live His life, to walk and to talk with Him, to think, plan and act with Him.

    Order Your Copy of "The Best Of Life"

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009

    Dr LaDonna Returns From England-Prepares for Indonesia

    In just a few days we will board the plane and begin the Indonesian Mission. This is the first time that THREE CITIES in Indonesia have opened for a Gospel witness. Pastors of all denominations in Palangkayara, Kupang and Waingapu and working together to receive Dr. LaDonna for a city-wide evangelism event.

    This mission includes three Osborn Gospel Seminars, the distribution of thousands of books in Indonesian to pastors, church leaders, soulwinners and believers, followed by three great Festivals of Faith and Miracles. thousands of people will accept Christ as Savior. Miracles of healing will convince the unbelievers that Jesus is alive. The Good News will be preached with clarity and with evidence.

    We will keep you updated on these events as they unfold. GO WITH US to Indonesia through your financial partnership. We need your help. We are willing to go ... but your ministry with us is the vital connection. For $50,000 we can accomplish this mission in THREE CITIES that have not had such a Gospel witness. Our methods are simple. We use every dollar to gather a maximum harvest. Let us hear from you today!

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    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    God's Love Plan

    from the book "God's Love Plan"
    Your Debt Is Wiped Out

    Jesus assumed our guilt when He suffered the
    full penalty of our sins, in our name, in our place in His death for us on the cross.
    The entire debt against the one who believes on Christ is wiped out. Such a person shall never have to face God's judgment for sin. Jesus said, I say emphatically that anyone who believes in God who sent me has eternal life. And will never be damned [or condemned or judged] for his or her sins, but has already passed out of death into life. Joh.5:24LB

    There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus-Romans 8:1

    for who shall accuse those whom God has chosen? God himself declares them not guilty! Can anyone, then, condemn them?...Jesus Christ is the one who died [for them]...who then can separate us from the love of Christ?
    Rom.8:33-35TEV As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.Psa.103:12 God is love.1Jo.4:8

    God's love never gives up on us.

    God is
    not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance,2Pe.3:9 God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him would not perish, but would have everlasting life.Joh.3:16 The gospel [the good news] is the power of God to everyone who believes.Romans 1:16 If any one is in Christ, that person is a new creature. Old things are passed away; all things are become new. 2Co.5:17

    You can be a product of GOD'S LOVE-PLAN.

    order your copy here

    Saturday, June 13, 2009

    England: A Royal Standard

    Isa 59:19
    19 So shall they fear
    The name of the LORD from the west,
    And His glory from the rising of the sun;
    When the enemy comes in like a flood ,
    The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.

    England: WIN 2009

    London Center

    Dr. LaDonna and her granddaughter together in ministry in England.

    This is where the WIN classes took place in London

    England: Buckingham Palace

    Buckingham Palace in London represents the British Monarchy and the reigning queen, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Learning the ways of royalty helps believers to comprehend their status as royal sons and daughters of THE KING. We are (re)born to reign, to live a life of responsibility toward others.

    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    England: Persistance

    Just as this persistent flower presses through the crack in the wall, so redemptive truth presses through the walls of tradition as we study God's plan for human relationships.

    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    England: Day Two

    The class in England is in the second day. Delegates are here from Nigeria, Canada, Congo, the US and Holland. Redemptive truth is shaping the discoveries of biblical relationships among God's people - in the church, in the community and in the home. Very liberating.

    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    Personal Testimony From A Leper

    18 years ago, I went to the doctor for an examination. I had a white spot on my right shoulder. When he saw it, he sent me to a leprosy specialist who, after taking many tests, told me that I had leprosy. Immediately, my family put me in a separate room. From then, I could only talk to them at a distance, and I had to eat, sleep and live alone.

    During the next year, my hands became swollen. I could not shut them. Bumps began to appear all over my body, and then my face began to swell. My eyes were nearly swollen shut, and my ears were several times their normal size, and hung down at least an inch longer than usual. They were about as thick as your finger. They were terribly swollen and infected, but numb.

    During the next few years my hands were so badly infected that I lost the first joints of my forefinger and little finger on my right hand. Then, five years ago, a big ugly sore started on my left shin near the ankle. It increased until it must have been more than 12 inches long and nearly encircled my leg. My leg was terribly swollen, and it drained continually. By that time I had bumps and sores all over my body, and the odor was stifling.

    I was persuaded to attend the Osborn Crusade in Djakarta, where it was said that many people were being cured.

    After attending for three nights and witnessing what was being done for others, I began to believe that I too could be helped. I decided to do as the evangelist said, and I accepted Jesus Christ and purposed to follow Him.

    While I was following in the prayer led by Mr. Osborn, I suddenly felt something in my hands. I found that I could open and shut them - this I had not done for years!

    Then I realized that I was being healed. In one week I was perfectly whole. My skin is clean! The ulcer is dried up. Life has returned to all of my body, and I am clean within and without!

    Noe of us were Christians, and never planned to be Christians, but we had never seen His power to cleanse lepers before. Oh, it is wonderful! My wife and I are reunited now, and can eat at the same table, and live together as husband and wife should.

    All of my family have accepted Christ, and we are all following Him, and shall serve Him all the days of our lives.

    Excerpt from "The Gospel According to T.L. & Daisy"

    Sunday, June 7, 2009

    Trip To England: Day 1

    Dr. LaDonna Osborn handling business and charging internet devices en route to England.

    Preparing for big results while training Godly women of various cultures from all over the world.

    Dr. LaDonna and Dr. Chyanna Mull-Anthony will be teaching "Introduction to Biblical Equality". A study designed to illuminate to the student the scriptural principle of the fundamental equality of Christian men and women. Traditional views of domestic and church roles will be scrutinized in light of the believer's redemptive status.

    Topics include:
    • How men and women can function equally in church leadership
    • The role of culture in shaping Christian tradition and practice
    • How to transition from a traditional church structure to an egalitarian style of church ministry

    Why Require The Best?

    To the most unworthy person - a persecutor of Christians, a hater of the gospel: a man called Saul of Tarsus - God stretched out His hand and offered the rich and abundant life.

    The lord made three statements to Saul as he was en route to take as prisoners some Christians. A light shined from heaven and he fell to the ground.

    Here are three formidable statements:
    Fist: I am Jesus (Acts 9:5)
    What he meant was: I Desire You!
    Second: Now stand up (Acts 9:6)
    That was to say: I'll Inspire You!
    Third: You are my witness (Acts 26:16-18)
    In other words: I Require You!

    Jesus saves us, then He makes us His partners.

    He redeems us, then sends us out as His messengers.

    He enriches us, then makes us His good will ambassadors.

    Your greatest personal development is to get God's view of the world, to see people as God sees them, to absorb His nature and to get in harmony with His emotions until He lives and loves and lifts people through you.

    That is why you require His Best.

    You give up your small ambitions and you aim for the top. The basic attitude in achieving all success is:

    See a need and fill it; See a hurt and heal it; See someone lost and guide them to the light; Find someone down and lift them up.

    That spells "mission" for every human being - reaching people, carrying out God's plan for good in this world.

    Every life that is on target with God has a divine mission, an therein lies the reason for us to require God's best in life.

    Excerpt from "The Power of Positive Desire"

    Saturday, June 6, 2009

    Training Women in Ministry in England

    A group of eight women is leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma in a few hours for London, England. Dr. LaDonna Osborn is convening a four-day Women's International Network (WIN) class for women in ministry. Delegations of women (and men) are coming from Congo, Nigeria, Ghana, Holland, Canada and the United States to study and learn together. Dr. LaDonna has a passion to share with other women in ministry what she has learned in 48 years of full time ministry among people of diverse cultures and nationalities. The Gospel is the message that transcends culture and time, presenting the love-power of God to all who believe. Dr. LaDonna believes that Jesus intends for all believers - both men and women - to be involved in all areas of Christian ministry. The harvest is ripe ... the laborers are few. Learn more about WIN and how you can encourage women in ministry all over the world.

    Friday, June 5, 2009

    Tormented By Demons

    A man was brought to the crusade who had been tormented by demons for more then 25 years. They would throw him on the ground, and literally pound his head and chest on the ground. That night the demons tormented this man, and he would cry out with loud voices until he greatly disturbed the meeting. People pressed around him to see him in this condition. Not at all coincidental was the fact that that night we were preaching on demon possession, and it seemed that Satan had come to challenge the truths which we were proclaiming.

    I told the audience to believe with me and to be reverent in God's presence; to ignore Satan's demonstration, and to give attention to the word of God; that Satan would not be able to stand before the authority of God's word. They all joined with me in their faith and did as I told them to do.

    As I was preaching on Christ's power over demons, and of the power of His name today, this man shouted, "I'm an enemy of Jesus! I fight with Him! He cannot overcome me!"etc. All sorts of blasphemous words flowed from this man's heart. But when the mass prayer was prayed and the people with one accord joined in faith, the demons could not resist the truth. In one last desperate attempt on his life, they threw him to the ground, and literally pounded his head on the earth, and then with a loud scream, left him, and he was delivered in peace.

    Just a few moments later, the man came up the steps, with tears in his eyes, and gave the testimony of his deliverance. How the audience rejoiced, and how we all gave praise to God as we heard this man tell how the demons had tormented him, but how they had gone from him, and how Jesus Christ had come into his heart bringing peace and satisfaction.

    An elderly gentleman was on the platform ready to testify, and he told the audience that when he came on the grounds, he saw this man who was completely crazy. he admitted frankly that he feared the man, and had gone to the opposite side of the audience, because he was afraid that some danger might result from this man in his insane condition. This gentleman wept as he expressed his gratitude to God for setting this captive free.

    Esteban Crispin, one time insane and possessed of demons, is now a faithful member of a church in Guatemala.

    Dr. T.L. Osborn from "The Gospel According to T.L. & Daisy"

    Thursday, June 4, 2009

    Blind Beggar Healed

    This man, a beggar in Guatemala, had diabetes, which resulted in total blindness. After the diabetes had destroyed his eyesight, it affected his mind, and he became insane. In addition to this, one side of his body was paralyzed and he hobbled along on the streets with an old cane, crazy, blind, and paralyzed, begging for a living.

    One day a man told the old beggar about the Osborn Crusade, and urged him to attend. Jose Antonio Solorzano, the beggar, replied that he did not know the way to the crusade, and that it was impossible for him to go.

    The friend offered to carry him to the meeting, so he came and carried Jose to the crusade on his back. He set him down on the ground where he could listen to the message, and that was the last time Jose ever heard of his friend.

    The beggar listened to the message and when the prayer was offered for healing, God had evidently seen his desperate condition and instantly and completely healed his body from his head to his feet.

    He was on of the most touching testimonies that I have ever heard of in all my life.

    After he testified and explained to the people his deplorable condition, and expressed the shame that he felt for having been a beggar, we asked the people to raise their hand if they knew him, and knew his testimony to be true. Many hands raised signifying that they not only knew him, but had given bits of money to him on the street.

    You should have seen the reaction of the audience when this man humbly thanked the audience for having helped him in that way. Jose Solorzano continued to attend the crusade and several times he gave his testimony to the people.

    It was a thrill to hear him repeat the wonderful story of how Jesus Christ had come into his heart and life. Before his sickness, he had been employed by the government as an architect. In less than two weeks after his healing, he had his old job back again, and had completed three plans for government buildings in the city.

    Certainly God has been glorified in this miracle, and thousands have been convinced of His power to heal TODAY!

    -Dr. T.L. Osborn
    from "The Gospel According To T.L. & Daisy"

    Experience Bible Days - Hear Dr. T.L. Osborn "LIVE"

    Friends from the Tulsa area and beyond gathered at the Osborns' home base church, International Gospel Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to hear veteran soulwinner T.L. Osborn. Believers were inspired. Unsaved accepted Christ. Youth sat on the edge of their seats. His message was unique. Bible days came to life, as Dr. T.L. told stories of Christ's resurrection power TODAY! His message, "Why Trust the Resurrected Christ" is now available on both CD and DVD. To order your own collector's copy, click here, browse the bookstore and enter the message title.

    Book Evangelism In Africa

    My Dearest Beloved Servant of Living God Bishop LaDonna C Osborn,

    Greetings and Blessings to you in Wonderful Jesus Name our Only Lord and Savior. I hope that you are fine and Bro Cory and Daddy T L Osborn Man of God. I thank God for your Ministries and your love for each people, race and tribu. Also, It's a great honor for me to serve God under your leadership. Daily I and my whole family pray for you . Your ministry had impact positivement my ministry and my church service. You love people, you preach the Simple Gospel. I praise Lord to meet you and I believe to meet you again in Tulsa in October.

    Since I meet you , God had blessed my financial situation, my ministry, family and trip missions. I know now that you are a Bishop specially for me and my ministry.
    Bishop LaDonna C Osborn, We wish to focus on the large distribution of Books of You, Dr T L and Daisy Osborn in the African continent and create Christian libraries in each African country. We wish to help each African minister of God according to his call, to be trained and well-informed in order to accomplish the Lord’s Supreme order in Africa and all over the world.

    Also, I obtained a Local where my project will be realized. When Rev Tommy Ray O'Dell will come he visit it. I will put in this Local all Books of Rev T L Osborn so that each pastor, christian and belivers who will need these book will can to obtain them easy.

    Tuesday, June 2, 2009

    The Osborn Team Strives for Excellence

    Dr. LaDonna's husband, Cory Nickerson, is part of the OSBORN MINISTRIES TEAM who keeps the wheels of evangelism moving smoothly. Cory is the Int'l Finance Manager for the ministry, and his commitment to excellence assures every ministry partner that each gift to this ministry is used for the expansion of Christ's Kingdom worldwide. In just three weeks Cory and Dr. LaDonna will leave for Indonesia, to minister in THREE cities in Borneo and on Sunda and Timor Islands. Each Osborn Ministries Team Member is talented, able to handle the many tasks required for this ministry to serve the cause of the Gospel in scores of nations each month. Check our blogs daily, to stay up-to-date on this ministries' actions globally. Partner with us to extend your own ministry to hurting people.

    Monday, June 1, 2009

    Ministry Flourishing In Restricted Areas

    NOTE: Names and specific details have been removed from this post for security reasons.

    "It has been quite a long time since we have not been in touch. We hope everything is going well with your family, the Church and the ministry. You are all in our daily family devotion prayers, twice a day. We are so thankful to God and to the Church and to Osborn International for the support that enables us to do more in the ministries. We honor your love and concern for us. We treasure the privilege of being apart of IGC. We feel so much a part of the church as one family.

    Due to constant busy work in (DELETED) with mission works, the construction of (DELETED) Home (we have 21 children now), and other ministries travels plus the inconvenience of internet connection, we could not keep up with our updates to you for which we are so sorry. Yet, we are so confident in the Lord and in you that we are always in the prayers of the saints. The renovation of MEDIA ROOM is nearly done. The printing of the books are in process. We have given it to the Press already. Due to some political reasons and some restrictions on Christian works, the printing is slow. I hope everything will be done during our stay. A lot of enquiries from the authority and even many Children Homes are closed down by force recently. Our Children Home (40 children) is also checked thoroughly. But praise God it is not closed down because the regular support for the children daily needs have been raised locally by having farming fields. Children and the care-takers are always working in the fields, rearing pigs and so forth. Such a testimony!

    We miss our time in IGC and with you and much also with Papa T.L. We look at our photos (not even printed) in the computer again and again.
    We long to meet you face to face again."

    The Most Important Event of My Life

    My life was changed in 1984 by T.L. Osborn. As a woman who desired to please God so much, I wore a head covering, long skirts, no jewelry and no makeup (thinking I was godly). When I attempted to follow the Old Testament Law's of what food to eat, and what things to do, I gave up! Someone said, "Come and hear a man who has preached to the largest crowds in the world." I was curious and when he came to Buffalo, NY, I went to hear him. I bought "Faith to Change Your World" cassettes and I hear the truth - God wasn't mad at me. He didn't have a huge pen, writing down everything I did wrong. I listened to the tapes over and over ... everyday. My life and future was changed. God wanted my heart! He loves me! WOW! It was the most important event of my life (besides praying the prayer of salvation). My heart is so grateful to you. I cried recently when I got to hear Dr T.L. at the VBI graduation here in Tulsa, OK. There was an open seat in the third row. I grinned the whole time as I watched my HERO OF FAITH. Thank you.
    T.N. (Tulsa)