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    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    Your Ministry Can Change The World

    When you partner with us in global evangelism, God sees you the same as He sees us.

    TOGETHER we become a team that advances the cause of Christ in the most neglected areas of our world.

    Your money represents your life... hours of work (or other means of livelihood) that you can never re-live. When you invest your money in Christ's love-mission to the world, you are investing that portion of your life. GOD SEES YOUR ACTION.

    You are vital to God's program of hope and salvation to the world.

    Without you, people can never be reached or healed. God has chosen to trust ordinary people like you and us to do His great work. Respond with us to this divine trust.

    TOGETHER we can make a difference. Your ministry can literally touch the world.

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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    The Message Confirmed

    That is God's message of Good News. Jesus said,
    "When you know that truth, it makes you free." John 8:32

    In other words, when that Good news is announced or taught or preached or written or recorded, then heard, it (the Gospel)
    is the power of God unto salvation. Romans 1:16

    It (the Gospel) is the message that
    Christ confirms. Mark 16:20

    he will confirm this truth today, in your life, as you read with faith and reverence.

    Jesus announced:
    For the Lord has consecrated me and send me with Good News for people, to heal the brokenhearted, to tell the prisoners they are free, to tell captives they are released. Isa 61:1

    Announcing these facts puts God's miraculous power to work among the listeners. This is what we have experienced worldwide. We proclaim these facts. People hear them and believe them, and God manifests them in their lives.

    Sunday, May 24, 2009

    The Regenerated Prostitute

    During one our teaching and prayer meetings, a prostitute who was dying of cancer was hauled to our mass meeting in a wheelbarrow. Some women found her languishing on a straw mat on the ground of her adobe hut where she had been abandoned to die.

    When they told her about our meetings and offered to take her there, she thought there was no hope for her abused and wasted life. Born into a Catholic family, she had tried to live according to the rules of her religion. But in spite of her best efforts, the sense of her utter failure plunged her into despair and degraded living. Having spent years in prostitution, she felt remorse, guilt and shame.

    The ladies convinced her of what the sacred scripture says: God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world: but that the world through Him might be saved. John 3:17

    They placed pillows on the wheelbarrow and brought her to our meeting. Her emaciated body resembled a sallow skin-covered skeleton, except for her swollen cancer-ridden abdomen.

    Lying there under the open sky, she listened to the teaching and she learned how one can be transformed by receiving the Life of the Creator by faith.

    The subject for the lesson that night was the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. We explained that after His crucifixion, the body of Christ was placed in a sepulcher where it remained for three days. Then the Omnipotent Father raised him form the dead.

    We emphasized the fact that His Resurrection Life can now change our nature and engender in us a new person; that it heals our diseases and regenerates us spiritually, mentally and physically -NOW. We stressed the Bible promise: He forgives all of our iniquities; He heals all of our diseases. Psalm 103:3

    When we finished the public teaching and led the multitude in a prayer to receive the gift of salvation from the Lord, that poor woman realized the He loved her enough to forgive her and to impart His new Life to her.

    That dear woman received the glorious joy of pardon and forgiveness. New Miracle Life permeated her old nature. She was regenerated by the Life and Spirit of the Sovereign Lord.

    Lying in that wheelbarrow, weeping for joy and thanking God for his peace, she looked up at her friends, reached out her bony arms and was pulled to her feet-she had not stood for weeks.

    As they rejoiced together, the woman was so full of joy and true peace that she forgot about her cancer. She suddenly realized that the large abdominal tumor had disappeared and that her legs and arms had become strong. She was not only purged of her sins, but she was miraculously healed. She had experienced New Miracle Life now.

    She pressed through the multitude, and came to our platform. She stood there weeping, with her arms raised toward heaven, and her upturned face looked like an angel.

    Her entire life-style was changed. the sacred text of the Holy Scriptures tells us what happens when one recieves the New Miracle Life. it says, Old things pass away; behold all things become new. 2 Cor 5:17

    That dear old woman began attending meetings where other believers gathered to worship the Lord, and she became a witness for Christ. As she increased in her knowledge of the Lord and as she grew in her faith, she consecrated her life to helping other people to know about Christ's divine love.

    What that woman received from god is the Miracle Life that Jesus Christ came to share with each person who receives Him by faith.

    Excerpt from "New Miracle Life Now" by TL Osborn and LaDonna Osborn. Click here to get your copy.

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    Mexico Is Hungry for The Gospel

    Dr. TL Osborn's recent trip to Nuevo Laredo Mexico is proof that the people of Mexico are hungry for the good news of Jesus! The sick were healed and lives were changed and a new generation of Christians are emerging.

    Monday, May 18, 2009

    Nine Year Old Boy Healed

    About 50 years ago, an evangelist showed the Osborn DocuMiracle Films throughout Australia as a Co-Evangelist with the Osborns.

    After showing one of the films, a call was given for anyone needing prayer for healing. A nine year old boy came forward with his Dad. The evangelist assumed that Dad came along for faith support. He kept his hand on the boy’s shoulder at all times.

    Dad’s role as, he saw it, was to “protect” his son from these people. Dad had NEVER been in a church before and was fearful of what “they” might do to his son.

    God in His mercy sent his power through the hand of his Dad into the boy and totally healed him. One of his eyes was the victim of a birth defect. One portion was missing from the elements necessary to provide sight.

    The boy was taken to a doctor who confirmed the piece is still missing from his eye. However the boy could see perfectly!

    The “boy” is now fifty-nine years old. He runs a large graphic arts business in Australia, and stays in touch with the evangelist and his wife, giving praise to God for this miracle

    The miracle to his eye is wonderful, but the radical and wonderful change in the life on the entire family was the most amazing. Christ is the center of their joy.

    Osborn Gospel Tracts in IRAN

    A long time friend of this ministry visited Tulsa over the weekend. Among the amazing reports that he shared, of his worldwide ministry sharing Osborn books, tracts and other materials, he gave us this update: He made a photo copy of Dr. T.L. Osborn's Salvation Series tracts in Arabic and sent them to a contact in Iran. This brother has now converted them into .pdf files and has placed them on flash drives that he is sending to nations of the Middle East. Using this method, Gospel literature is now "preaching of Christ" in Iran and beyond.

    It was once said that in many nations of the world, an average of five people read each Gospel tract. This is a timeless way of spreading the GOOD NEWS of Christ's love to people in places where our feet may never touch.

    You can partner with Dr. T.L. and Dr. LaDonna as they make these valuable materials available to people globally. Also, you can order your own CD, that includes the 18 Salvation Tract titles (distributed around the world in 132 languages). They are ready to print from your own printer, filling your hands with effectives witnesses of Christ. Be a soulwinner!

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    Tomorrow is Sunday

    Dr. T.L.Osborn is preaching at IGC tomorrow. People are coming from many locations. expecting miracles. If you're in the Tulsa area, come early for at great seat at the 10:30 service -at the International Gospel Center Headquarters 555 S. Memorial.

    -- Post From My iPhone

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    The Message is Reaching Afghanistan

    It is exciting to witness the POWER of the message of Christ and His provisions for people. This is the message of Redemption that is told throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. I've just received this news from our Russian connection.

    "One of our missionaries made a trip to Afghanistan where through some contacts and underground strategy was able to preach the Gospel and teach some Afghan Christians Redemption. We equipped them with all of your books in Russian. We have also taught the message using your Gospel Banners. This is so effective in evangelism. During the teaching, one of the drug leaders in that area of Afghanistan accepted Jesus along with his family. This guy had his own small army, equipped with machine guns produced in Russia. After he prayed and accepted, the next night Jesus appeared to him personally. His life was completely changed. We admire the courage of our Afghan brothers and sisters who live there and who are spreading the GOOD NEWS. Every minute their lives are in danger. We are honored to be part of their labors. Now we need the Gospel library of books in Farsi. Please pray for us and help us."

    The photo above shows "God's Big Picture," in Russian. This is the book being used to teach the story of Christ's work in the BEGINNING, at the CROSS and in the lives of PEOPLE today. It is also available in English.

    Pray for us and partner with us so that these requests for Gospel books and other materials can be made available. These are GOOD SEEDS that produce GOOD HARVESTS.

    Friday, May 8, 2009


    This coming Sunday is a special day. Remember the gallant women who have given us life, and express love to other women who have or are raising children. Theirs is not an easy task. They are to train up children to love the Lord and to have a desire for serving people in many ways. I celebrate the memory of my mother, Dr. Daisy Washburn Osborn (now enjoying her eternal reward) who taught me to trust God's Word, to live by His guidelines and to live a life of purpose with a passion to obey the Master. (Hear her message "Guidelines for Living.")

    WIN – Faith of Our Mothers!

    By Dr. Chyanna Mull-Anthony
    Pastor of International Gospel Center
    Headquarters church of the Osborn Ministries

    May is the month that reminds us to be grateful for our mothers! Along with our own personal “mothers”, we should be especially grateful for Women's International Network's (W.I.N.) spiritual mothers, Dr. Daisy Osborn and Bishop LaDonna Osborn.
    Dr. Daisy was a modern day prophet – used by the Lord in more than 70 nations to challenge the church’s many unfair doctrines and oppressive practices restricting the roles of women in ministry and the home. Even though she left this life to be with her Lord in 1995, tens of thousands of women and men still salute her as their spiritual mother. Her books and teachings are still transforming lives. Dr. Daisy coined the W.I.N. acronym in the late 1980’s during one of our historic International Women’s Conferences.
    However, W.I.N. did not take wings until her daughter, Bishop LaDonna Osborn took time from her already busy schedule (CEO of Osborn Ministries Int’l in four nations, and overseeing more than 700 churches & ministries) to develop the W.I.N. vision in a way that we could all benefit and participate! Bishop LaDonna has chiseled out precious time, giving of herself in myriad ways to assist you and me as we become Jesus-women who represent our Master with quality, intelligence and anointing! She is just the one to do so – her reputation as such is well known. Don’t miss any opportunity to learn from Bishop LaDonna or Dr. Daisy (W.I.N. events plus we have books and video teachings galore). You will join the ranks of those who proudly call them both “Mama” – all to the glory of God!

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    We Labor Together!

    This statement by Dr. LaDonna is radical! “We are connected in SPIRIT, in PURPOSE, in MISSION, in FAITH, in HOPE and in the priority of ministering Christ's LOVE to a hurting world. ... Partner with us in each Gospel mission. When you give, part of YOU is going with us to bring GOOD NEWS and healing to multitudes of people.”

    How is it that the same reward, effect, pouring out, that is on the “go-er” can be on the giver? How can we be partners? We know this by what happened to James and John, Simon's partners, when Jesus asked Simon to “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” (NKJV) The result was an AMAZING. Simon's nets were full and breaking with fish and he needed help. He motioned for James and John and their boat was filled also. James and John partnered with Peter. The entire catch would have been lost without them.

    Let's be determined not to let opportunities go by. Jesus is still leading us out to the deep for an amazing catch! Our nets are breaking. Let's all be a part of the overflow and partner together.

    Hear Dr. Daisy's teaching "Who's in Your Boat?" for great encouragement.

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009

    Tulsa World Newspaper Interviewed Dr. T.L. Osborn

    Bill Sherman, religion editor for the Tulsa World, interviewed Dr. T.L. Osborn. The Tulsa community does not realize the treasure that they have in this legendary missionary statesman. For more than two hours, Dr. T.L. reflected on his and Dr. Daisy's journeys - from poor farms to national platforms of evangelism - as they simply obeyed the command of Christ to "preach the Gospel to every creature." Their pictoral book, "The Gospel According to T.L. and Daisy," documents their personal story in words and pictures. (Dr. Daisy transitioned to her eternal reward in 1995.)
    Mr. Sherman was surprised to learn that Dr. T.L., at age 85, continues to travel and minister the Gospel. Dr. LaDonna Osborn (T.L. and Daisy's daughter), who has been an active part of the ministry since childhood, emphasized that the pioneering evangelism programs founded by her parents, are touching the world in nations globally TODAY. The ministry's influence increases each year. Both hers and Dr. T.L.'s face-to-face ministries are impacting a new generation of leaders in Christian ministry, and reaping vast soul harvests, through their mass miracle crusades. The Osborns' Gospel books and other teaching materials are translated and distributed by the TONS in nations globally. Request their newsletter to learn about some of their Gospel activities.
    Dr. T.L. shared with Mr. Sherman that a small number of Christians partner with Dr. LaDonna and himself through their prayers and financial contributions. "These gifts," Dr. T.L. stated, "allow ordinary Christians at home to GO WITH US to nations that need the Gospel. This kind of partnership is God's way of calling us to be laborers together with Christ in His global mission of love and healing to a hurting world."
    Dr. T.L. will be preaching at Tulsa's International Gospel Center (the headquarters church of the Osborn Ministries) on Sunday May 17 at 10:30 am. This will be a rare opportunity for the Tulsa community to experience the Christ-centered ministry of one of her own "sons of the soil."

    Friday, May 1, 2009

    Dr. T.L. Osborn says, "The world is waiting..."

    During the Osborn Team planning session, Dr. T.L. rejoices over the progress that the ministry is making in being accessible to people through the internet. He stresses the importance of using every possible means of reaching people with the Gospel of Christ. He said, "The world is waiting for GOOD NEWS. They are waiting for our words of HOPE and HEALING. We have the words that will set them free and help them to discover their true purpose and dignity. We must press forward!" Pray for the Osborns and partner with them in this global face-to-face and internet ministry.

    Making Progress in Internet Ministry Connections

    Our entire Ministry Team met today at our headquarters office in Tulsa to discuss responses to our first international Email newsletter. Friends, partners and others, who depend on this ministry for Gospel resources and ministry, have responded with Emails of excitement, prayer requests, financial seeds to sow into this ministry and with requests for us to help them in some way. People from 40 nations have responded in just five days. These connections are vital. Stay in touch. We are connected in SPIRIT, in PURPOSE, in MISSION, in FAITH, in HOPE and in the priority of ministering Christ's LOVE to a hurting world. Watch for the announcement of our NEW website. Until then, you can find us at our present website. Partner with us in each Gospel mission. When you give, part of YOU is going with us to bring GOOD NEWS and healing to multitudes of people. I and our team will keep you informed about some of the things happening as we labor together.