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    Monday, November 30, 2009

    Crawled Away to Die in the Jungle

    Domita Juma was a helpless victim of paralysis. Unable to stand or work, she crawled away from her home to die in the jungle. She was found by friends. At the hospital, several operations on her spine left her more helpless than before.

    Carried to the Osborn Crusade in Njoro-Menengai, Kenya, she heard the gospel, believed on Christ and was totally healed. When Domtilla returned to her village to show her husband how she was healed, he proudly gave her his bicycle and said, "I never want to see you carrying heavy buckets of water on your head again. I give you my bicycle. You shall ride to the river for water because God gave you back to me with a new body!"

    She goes all over her region, showing the people what God's miracle power did for her.

    Sunday, November 29, 2009

    Born Without Eyes

    (as told by Daisy Osborn)
    When little Simeon was born he had no eyeballs. The family and village was saddened, until , nine months later, they heard of the Osborn Crusade in Nakuru. The child was brought by its mother. T.L. preached: "The things that are impossible with men are possible with God." During the mass prayer, the mother believed. Within a few moments, tiny eyes formed.

    The child could clearly see. By the next day, its eyes were normal - a creative miracle. One year later, our daughter, LaDonna went with me to visit the child at its village. It is a living miracle. Hundreds of people have trekked to that village to see the boy with the miracle eyes and have been saved.

    Saturday, November 28, 2009

    The Hindu Who Saw Jesus

    I will never forget one night during a great crusade in Lucknow, India. Far to the edge of the crowd, there was a young student from the university - an agnostic - who hated everything that we were saying about Jesus Christ.

    He was a member of the religious political party of India that had vowed to drive Christianity from their shores. He was a real fanatic.

    He stood there with his arms folded across his chest, in a defiant mood. Then as we preached about Jesus, suddenly the Lord appeared right in front of him.

    He opened His hands where the man could see His scars, and stretched them out toward the man. Then Jesus spoke these words,

    "Behold my hands! I am Jesus!"

    That arrogant young student fell to the ground, in the dust, weeping and c rying.

    After he regained control of himself, he came running to the platform and grabbed the microphone with trembling hands, and appealed to the multitude:

    "Accept this Jesus! What this man is telling us is true! I saw Him! I saw the scars in His hands! He is alive!"

    Thousands of people that night believed on Jesus Christ.

    Blind people, lepers, deaf mutes, cripples, invalids carried on cots, and all kinds of sickness were healed in that overwhelming crusade.

    -Dr. T.L. Osborn

    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    The Bible Would Have Been Full of Pictures!

    Dr. LaDonna Osborn's husband and Osborn Ministries Int'l Finance Manager accompanies Dr LaDonna on Togo Mission as photographer. He says, "If Matthew, Mark, Luke and John would have had cameras, the Bible would have been full of pictures!"

    The Power of the Lord: Togo

    The power of the Lord is present to heal, when His words are being proclaimed

    Demons Screamed: Togo

    Demons screamed and threw her body around before leaving. Now she rejoices because she is in her right mind.

    Saying Thanks for Happiness

    Jesus made a wonderful promise: "If you will confess me before people, I will confess you before my Father in heaven" -Mat 10:32. The finest way to say thanks to God for the gift of His life is to share this happy information with others.


    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    Video: There Is No God Like Our God

    Thank YOU

    Thank you for your faith and investments in these marvelous missions of love.

    Friend of Togo

    Dr. LaDonna Osborn Global Ministry Coordinator, Rev Harry Jackson, prepares the people to receive the Word of God through His servant Dr. LaDonna, friend of Togo

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    Songs of Rejoicing

    The people break into songs of rejoicing as we thank God together for His love and miracles.

    The Jesus-life changes people

    Everywhere we look we see smiling faces. The Jesus-life changes people.

    Reports Still Coming In

    Reports are continuing to reach us of what God is doing in Tséviè. People who have been carried to the Festival grounds are now able to walk home. Sick brought on the back of scooters are healed and walking home.

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Live testimony from Togo

    Sticks & Canes

    A collection of sticks and canes clutter the platform as those that were lame or feeble enjoy restored strength in their legs

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Final Day of Festivals - More Miracles

    This final day of the Festival of Faith & Miracles in Tsévié, Togo is proving to be a dramatic demonstration of the power of Christ over evil spirits.

    Togo is more than 40% animist. They are idol worshippers. Fear of the power of juju dominates the lives of the Togolese. Witchdoctors prey on the people with deception and exploitation.
    Tonight I preach about the Power in the Word of God. The people listen as I tell them, "Jesus has all authority. His  power and authority are in His Words. When you believe in His authority and trust His Words, no evil spirit can control your life. The power of Jesus is greater than any other power."

    As I quote the words of God and His promises to these dear people, demons begin to cry out through the people. Here and there the tormented screams of devils, having to loose their holds on people, are heard. I've heard these familiar screams all of my life. They are the final acts of control before the demons flee in defeat. Those previously tormented are restored to their right minds.

    During the testimonies of healing so many people report how they were tormented by evil spirits, but now are delivered. Some were continually bitten by demons. Many felt something moving around in their bodies. Some felt pins pricking them. Others say that spirits moved around in their heads, preventing any sleep or rest.

    In each case, during the preaching or during the prayer, the people feel these spirits leave their bodies. All symptoms of disease leave the people. They can now walk, see and function free of pain. It is moving to hear the stories of how their tormented lives are being touched and transformed by the power of God.

    A man takes the microphone holding his son close. He is the king of this region. Years previously he became a Christian. But the witchdoctor was angry and tried to force him to return to juju. The king held firm, but the witchdoctor put a curse on the king's son. The boy was tormented. He could not sleep. He roamed at night. He could not be cured. During the festival the father brought his son and the boy is completely delivered. The people shout for joy hearing this great testimony affirming the power of God, as the boy smiles with a look divine peace on his face.
    This town will never be the same. There is much to tell.

    Thousands of people have accepted Christ. Scores of healing miracles have been reported. Many demon possessed have been delivered.

    The people are filled with joy as they burst into song. One woman tells of her marvelous healing and then sings with the people, "This man Jesus has come. He has brought His healing miracles. Look at me. I am one of His miracles!".

    Another woman sings and dances, saying, "There us no God like our God.
    There is nothing too hard for Him. Come and see what He has done for me!"

    More photos will be posted soon.

    The Togo Mission continues as the people carry the light of Christ to their villages and communities. The seeds that we are planting, both through the books and through our face to face witness of Christ, will continue to produce eternal harvests.

    Pray for these new believers. Pray for these pastors. Pray for each person who is now the hope for a better Togo.

    I am praying for you also. Thanks for standing with us in this mission and in each of the missions that are being planned right now. The harvest truly is ripe!

    Dr LaDonna

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    Friday, November 20, 2009

    The GOOD NEWS of Jesus breaks the bondage of Satan

    Every day in miracle evangelism is unique. There are no formulas. No rituals. The only constants are the needs of people, the healing power of Jesus and a person willing to announce the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS. Day 3 begins.

    When I arrive at the "Place of Trees" this evening, the crowd is small. I soon learn that today is Market Day in Tsévié so the people will have to come late. Rather than miss the opportunity to use the remaining sunlight, I open the Festival and ask people who have been healed to come and tell their stories. About a dozen people come to the platform. Each is full of joy as they tell their story with great annimation. The people laugh and rejoiced with those who are healed.

    Gradually as the sun is setting I begin to teach the people the wonderful story of God's love for them. I say, "God's Story is GOOD NEWS for you!" Then beginning in Genesis I tell that God made them in His image to share His life. Then I tell them how the devil came to deceive and the first man and woman believed his lies and turned away from God. But the good news is that God loved people so much that He came in Jesus to suffer their punishment and to reclaim them as His children.

    I tell them the wonderful good news of how they can receive the life of Jesus today and become children of God.

    Before I ask for decisions for Christ, the people are raising their hands and waving them ao they can be included in the prayer.

    There is no greater joy than helping people to know Jesus Christ and to experience a spiritual new birth. Thank you for helping us come to Togo.

    Then I pray for the many sick who have gathered. By this time it is dark. The few lights do little to give light to the multitude. The largest crowd yet has gathered. I can hear the vast multitude calling out to God for a miracle.

    It's time for the people to act their faith. Everywhere people are bending, trying to move their legs. At the side of the platform a woman is trying to walk. She is on her feet but unable to stand. She has little strength. I leave the platform to help her. Allowing her to lean on my back with her arms around my shoulders I give her strength to begin walking. I feel her weight on me. Her feet are dragging behind us both. Then I feel strength coming into her body. She straightens up and stands. I turn around and she is standing on her own with her hands raised to heaven.

    By this time people are pressing me on every side, wanting me to touch their sick bodies. I return to the platform to find many who have already come to give public testimony to the miracle that they have received from Christ.

    Those who could not walk for six, 12, 20 years are walking. A girl who was cursed with witchcraft and had leprosy is delivered. A young woman who was epileptic describes her miracle.

    Some tell that they were healed when they walked on the field. Others were healed during the prayer.

    A young man tells of his amazing conversion. He says, "I was dead but now I'm alive."

    An old 80 year old woman comes to me. She could not walk and she has been blind. Tonight she is walking and she can see.

    There is dancing and singing, jumping and running as the life of Jesus and His healing love empowers the people.

    After hearing scores of testimonies, It's time to let the people go home. They don't want to leave. Many are continuing to act their faith in the power of Jesus. The miracles will continue even as people find their way home.

    Friends, the name of Jesus is being heard in Tsévié tonight! His wonderful works are being declared.

    The Togo Mission continues!

    Running Man Video

    Miracle Video

    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Many Miracles Reported in Togo

    Come with us to Day 2 of the Tsévié Festival of Faith and Miracles.
    Word us spreading throughout the town and surrounding villages that
    Jesus is healing people at "The Place of Trees."

    Tonight when we arrive at the grounds thousands of people have already
    gathered. But the majority of the multitude arrives after dark. It's
    impossible to see the edge of the crowd with the sparce available

    I teach the people from the Bible story of the blind beggar who cried
    out to Jesus with faith and received his sight. Over and over I
    emphasized to the people, "There is no god like our God!" Our God
    hears the cry of a blind man. Our God talks to beggars. Our God opens
    the eyes of the blind. Our God has all power. This God has sent me to
    you to tell you that He knows about you. He wants to come to you and
    deliver you from the power of the devil."

    Faith begins to rise in the hearts of the people. Thousands of people
    respond to the message and ask Jesus to come into their lives. It is
    moving to see their eagerness to receive Jesus and His new life.

    Then I pray for the sick. There are so many. But the power of the Lord
    is always present to heal. It is the confidence that I have in the
    power of Christ's love that gives me the courage to stand before these
    precious people and tell them that God wants to heal them.

    After the prayer I tell the people to do what they could not do
    before. The multitude turns into a mass of movement as people begin
    stretching, bending and walking. Gradually the platform is being
    filled with people ready to give a testimony to their healing miracle.

    A man has been under a juju curse for 10 years, sick, tormented and
    unable to be delivered. He says, "During the prayer I felt something
    leave my body. I am now healed and Jesus has come to live in me."

    A mother comes with her three year old child. The baby was born with
    epilepsy. During the prayer he was having a seizure. But suddenly the
    boy became calm and he is healed."

    Many who were crippled are now demonstrating their healing. They run,
    jump, rejoice and thank God for their miracle.

    A young girl was bringing her epileptic sister to the Festival for
    healing. But before she could come she fell very ill. People carried
    her to the Festival and the epileptic sister also came along. During
    the prayer both sisters were completely healed and came to give

    A football player had become paralyzed in one leg and could no longer
    play. He would weep watching teams play the sport, knowing that he
    would never be able to play again. Then he heard that Jesus was
    healing people at "The Place of Trees". He came and accepted Jesus.
    Now he demonstrates his healing by jogging across the platform with
    the gait and confidence of a professional athlete.

    The people shout and clap and one after another people give their
    testimony of Christ's healing power.

    This is a night to remember in Tsévié. The words of truth are echoing
    throughout the town, "There is no god like our God. Jesus is His name!"