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    Saturday, December 19, 2009

    Believing is Seeing

    Jesus tell us exactly how to pray and receive the answer. Having provided all that we need, He says: All things whatsoever you desire, when you pray (not after you pray but before any answer is manifested-when you pray), believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. -Mark 11:24. This is a significant promise in the Bible concerning prayer and faith. Notice: When you pray, believe that you receive.

    We must understand the sequence of prayer and faith. Most people reverse the order. They think it should be this way: Whatever you desire, pray for it, and when you see and feel it, then believe that you have received it.

    This is the way of the natural person who says: "Seeing is believing."

    But God reverses the natural order and says:
    "Believing is seeing."

    David said, I believed to see. -Psa 27:13 He did not say, I had to see before I believed. And God said of him, I have found David a man after my own heart, which shall fulfill all my will, -Acts 13:22 proving that without faith it is impossible to please (God), Heb 11:6 but by faith we can obtain a good report before Him. -Heb 11:2

    Human logic asserts: If I cannot feel it or see it, I will not believe it. This is not God's way, and nowhere can this attitude be supported by the scriptures. Thomas said, "Except I shall see..I will not believe," -John 20:25 and this attitude displeased Christ. -John 20:29

    God's way is, Believe that we receive it when we pray, and we shall have it. His condition is to believe that He answers our prayers when we pray.

    In praying for Biblical Healing, God authorizes us to consider our prayer answered. This is true when we pray for any blessing that He has promised and that Christ has provided in His sacrificial death.  

    When God's word is the only reason for believing that our prayer is answered, that is faith.

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