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    Thursday, December 10, 2009

    Walk by Faith - Not by the Senses

    Our senses often repudiate God's word. They argue and contradict the Bible insisting that the blessing is not real because we cannot feel or see its manifestation.

    But the biblical faith calmly declares: It is written. God's word declares it, so it is true. I accept it.

    To walk by faith means to give God's word the preeminence over our physical senses and human logistics. -2Cor 5:7

    To walk by sight means to give our senses and our human logistics the preeminence over God's word.

    Faith is God's way. It is contrary to the natural way. God says, My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are you ways my ways. -Isa 55:8

    God's way is for us to keep our mind, our ears, our eyes and our heart occupied with His word while He brings to pass its manifestation.

    The human way is to keep our mind on the disease, our ears tuned to human logic, our eyes on physical symptoms and our heart filled with fear and apprehension.

    But God's order for making His words health to all our flesh is to give all of our attention to His word ONLY; to believe it and to confess it, even if physical symptoms may contradict what He says.

    God's first call to you and to me, if we want to follow Him, is to forsake our ways and our thoughts -Isa 55:7 because, as He says, My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are you ways my ways. -Isa 55:8

    God calls those things which be not as though they were. -Romans 4:17 He pronounced the blind man healed while he was still blind, and he received his sight. -Luke 18:42 He declared the lepers cleansed while the disease was still apparent, and as they went away, they were healed. -Luke 17:12-19 At the tomb of Lazarus, Jesus prayed: Father, I thank you that you have heard me. -John 11:41 He said that while Lazarus was still dead. He knew that God had heard His prayer for Lazarus to be raised from the dead. That was faith.

    Faith means that we believe God has already done what we asked Him to do, even before we see the results manifested. We believe this because we know we have asked for a blessing that is provided for us in the death of Jesus Christ. We believe that God has answered our prayer, not because we see than answer manifested, but because God's word declares that we will receive what we ask for in faith. In this way, we also call those things which not be as though they were. -Romans 4:17

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    1. Thanks I needed that. It is good medicine. and goes down good.