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    Thursday, December 3, 2009

    More Miracle Testimonies From Togo

    Tsévié will never forget such events. Seniors will tell their juniors; grandfathers will tell their grandchildren that once upon the time in 2009 during the two weeks in the middle of the month before the last month of the year after the death of the great president EYADEMA in the fifth year of the reign of his son FAURE their came a laughing, cheerful and loving white lady from the country of the mix colored skin (AMERICA). It is said that she can heal the sick and has been doing it since her childhood. Her parents also had been doing it all their life and the father is still preaching, teaching and healing all over the world though he is old. “If people all over the world trusted them, then let us do the same,” says the rumor in town. Everybody was excited; everybody talked about it. Bringing the sick to hear the words that proceeded out of her mouth and to be healed was the mind of the people of Tsévié and the villages around. Tsévié encountered the most exciting days of its history and it was wonderful. Even though the seminar and the festival are passed, Tsévié is still under the shock and miracles are still happening.

    The next Sunday after the end of the festival, “Attendance jumped up in our churches and did not come down to this date but rather it’s still going higher,” said some pastors in town. A worker in a church said, “This is long and lasting effect evangelism.” Miracles are still happening. Those that hear of the testimonies agree to be born again and follow that miracle worker (JESUS). Some said, “So what that lady said wasn’t a joke. She left but Jesus is still doing miracles. Let’s key in before it is late”.

    These are some of the testimonies:

    A lady said to the interpreter of Dr LADONNA OSBORN: “Me, I worshipped Satan since childhood but I have not seen such great number of miracles. Now I had four evenings with JESUS and He made me to see unending wonders. I was skeptical but the last night (Saturday) that I received Jesus, I discovered that it was peace that I needed in my life and that peace was in Jesus. And with him, there is no sickness”.
    Another lady said: “My husband is dead of AIDS. I was contaminated also but after the last day of the festival, I felt a pressure in me to go and check myself. When I went, the test was negative so I showed the previous results of four other hospitals to the doctor. The results were the proof that I had AIDS for four years and now the fifth result shows I am without AIDS. I went to the other hospitals where I was tested before and the results were still negative. I am no more infected. Doctors say that it is a miracle and they advice me to serve my GOD faithfully. “

    This is the testimony of a lady: “I had waist and chest pain since 2006. After the second day of the festival, I went home and in my dream, I saw something green coming out of my arm as if somebody was pulling it out. The next Sunday night after afternoon service in the church I attended, I had the same dream. But this time, the green thing was coming out of my right leg. On Monday, I can bend and do all sorts of movement I could not do before, I can breathe deeply and raise my arms and still have no pain.”
    These few days of seminary and festival had a very great impact on the town. The people are expecting the pastors of the town to be able to reproduce such miracles and healings in their churches. Many are the pastors are changing their message and beginning to teach the gospel in its fullness in their churches. But some are orthodox and have to keep to their law or else they lose their job. Then there are those that do not want to change when they receive new teaching that will help them to grow. Those that are teachable and want to learn are succeeding in the work of Jesus.

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