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    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    Raped, Brutalized and Possessed by Demons

    Betty Andiru had been possessed by tormenting demon spirits. Her insanity had resulted from hatred and bitter resentment which had raged within her toward those who had wounded and abused her.

    She had attended a convent, then guerrilla fighters and armed vigilantes had begun looting and destroying the country.

    They came in the night and captured Betty, raping and debasing her. She was brutalized and insulted, used and humiliated until venomous hatred possessed her, and she vowed to get revenge.

    As she crouched in disgrace, like a wounded animal, she seethed with vengeance and retaliation.

    On day in her torture and anguish, a satanic power came over Betty and she became possessed by demons. They made her scream, bark and bit at people like a wild, wounded dog that had gone mad.

    From that day, she became vicious, and no one could tame her. She had been insane for 13 years.

    Then the news came about our crusade, and friend brought Betty to the meetings. For three days, she screamed and barked, and had to be kept beyond the crowd to prevent her from injuring anyone.

    Daisy was preaching about the Jesus life and how His love-power could give anyone a new beginning. She urged people to forgive the wrongs of the past and to let Jesus change their lives.

    During sane intervals, Betty cried to the Lord for mercy.

    Suddenly, as Daisy preached, the demons went out of Betty, and she was made completely whole. The people around her knew something had happened.

    The Word of God, spoken through Daisy, drove those spirits out of that poor woman.

    She came to tell the multitude that she was healed. She wept and told everyone: "Forgive your enemies!"

    Betty said, "I was insane. Demons possessed me because of my hatred. But Jesus forgave me. Now i can forgive everyone. I am healed. I have no enemies. I love everyone now. If you will forgive your past, Jesus will give you a new beginning, as Dr. Daisy says."

    Betty is now a living witness. She goes about telling everyone the price of Hate, and the reward of Love.

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