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    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    The "You" You See Is the "You" You'll Be!

    The miracle of sight must be among the most awesome wonders of life. The delicate mechanism of the eye is astounding. Yet it is not really what you see with. Your brain is what sees.

    With your eyes closed in sleep, you may watch entire scenes of faces or places or happenings with such perfect detail that you can never forget them-yet they did not appear in the material world. What you "saw" in your dream, was a vision created by your brain.

    You have the ability to see in different ways. Your brain receives the image of what materially appears before your eyes.

    Also, you have the power to SEE by forming mental pictures which do not exist materially. You can project positive or negative possibilities, scenes and situations.

    Fear or worry is the negative use of your imagination.

    You project situations which have not occured and the same feelings are experienced as if they were real-anxiety, headaches, an upset stomach, a rise in blood pressures, acceleration of the heart beat, rapid breathing, constriction of arteries, etc.

    If your imagination can be used in negative, destructive ways, you can also deliberately use it in a positive, constructive way and get positive results.

    Worry and fear are fed by negative information-by seeing negatives scenes. Faith, poise, confidence and assurance are nourished by positive information-by seeing positive scenes.

    I have trained myself to see God at work in me, to see His faithfulness, His generosity, His power and His abundant Life. I see Him and I have courage, assurance, peace and happiness.

    Some people walk amidst beauty and never ponder it. 

    They live where love abounds but are never conscious of it.

    Some walk among the flowers but never smell them. They hear a baby cry, or watch a hummingbird suspended before a lily, but never see God in these wonders.

    Human persons are created in God's image, to walk and talk, to live and plan with Him. When He is not welcome, there is a vacuum. Emptiness, loneliness, meaninglessness and insecurity dominate.

    The Bible says, sin brings death. Not to see God is a terrible sin. Solomon said, where there is no vision the people perish. -Prov 29:18 When you lose the vision of God, you are dead!

    -Dr. T.L. Osborn

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