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    Tuesday, December 8, 2009

    Three Attitudes

    There are three attitudes with which people regard God's written word:

    1. They AGREE that the word of God is true. They see the word. They admire it and read it. They may memorize whole chapters of it and recite them. They love the Bible and respect its contents.

    They say: "The biblical promises are true - but not in my case. I don't understand why I cannot receive the blessings promised, but I know the word is true. It is a wonderful book. I believe it."

    But that is as far as they go; they never act on what the Bible says. Biblical promises are to them a dogma, a creed, a doctrine to be venerated.

    2. They BELIEVE the word of God when they SEE or FEEL its effects. We hear them say: "I never received healing when they prayed for me, but I believe I was blessed." Others say: "I FELT something when I prayed, so I believe God heard me." Still others may say, "Oh, I have prayed so often, but I never FEEL anything." They will believe only if they see or feel. This is never faith.

    3. They BELIEVE God's word and ACT upon His promises. These are the people who have biblical faith. You hear them say:

    If God says it, then it is true. -Num 23:19, Jos 23:14, 1Ki 8:56, Isa 38:7;55:11, Eze 12:25, Mat 24:35, 1Pe 1:25

    If God' word says, By His stripes I am healed, then I am healed. -Isa 53:5, 1Pe 2:24

    If God promises to supply all my needs, -Phil 4:19 then He is doing it.

    If God says that he is the strength of my life, -Psa 27:1 then He is.

    They always act accordingly. You will hear them say:
    "God is what He says He is."
    "I am what God's word says I am."
    "I have what God says I have."
    "I can do what God says I can do."
    "God will do what His word says He will do."

    They act on the premise, depending on the integrity of God's word. For them, He watches over His word to perform it, -Jer 1:12 to see that, as Solomon said, There hath no failed one word of all of His good promise, which He has promised. -1Kings 8:56.

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